Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back From Vacation

Well it is safe to say that I was defiantly missed by my baby while I was away. I can't believe some of the stuff that one pulls. My trip was fun too much drama though. Folks especially family to learn to love one and another. At least be grateful you have family to turn to. We take so much for granted especially our loved ones. I do wonder though why black families seem to have so much strife between them......

Friday, August 8, 2008

So I spent the day packing for my LA trip, I'm not at work extremely mad at myself for taking so long to pack. The funny thing is technically I'm not finished. I'm still super excited though finally a break from every day life. Hopefully I will get some well needed rest too. My brothers are always too much fun, they are so full of life, to be young lol. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lacombe I'm so sorry I missed it. I know you were beautiful and handsome respectively. You two are proof that true love does exist. I can't wait for the lil' ones. Tinkerbell is gonna be jealous.
Have you ever been given everything you ever asked for? How about in a relationship? Well it's the most amazing experience in the world. As if you're floating on clouds nothing but sunshine and blue skies. Now think of what would happen if some dark force came along and snatched that cloud from under you. This is my current state. My cloud is gone! I can't bear to face this I wanna be a spectator at the movies, not the leading actress. As the events unfold it gets worse. The more I try to be happy the more grief I cause........and then there is you. I can't protect you from this as much as I want to. Yet I also can't give you the out you need. Not to mention you don't want it. I wish I could say we will be better once we make it through this, but that's the thing, there will never be an end. My judgement is cloudy too full of emotion. I wanna run from this so badly why am I being made to face this. I mean how can I be expected to give up the love of my life just like that. Everything is closing in. I'm trying to hold on keep fighting the good fight but sometimes one must succumb to the dark side.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talented right!?!

I Miss You

I miss you like the earth with no atmosphere.
Like taking a breath with no air there.
Much like a mountain spring when I need a drink.
I miss you like the words I cannot find when I’m trying to speak.
I miss you more like the words to a song I can’t seem to remember.
I miss you like yesterday dreams about forever.
Like an empty chair in a crowded house.
Like walking in on the end of a conversation and not knowing what everyone is laughing about.
I miss you like a Valentine lost in the mail.
Like an ocean breeze moving not a single sail.
Like a comparison misses a metaphor;
like an unanswered knock at an open door.
Like how we are know and how we used to be before…Damn, I just miss you girl.

Hyland Hicks