Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2010!

First off I want to exclaim how happy I am 2009 is over, what a year! I have grown so much and yet I know there is still so much road left to travel. I'm taking the time now though to share something that has been upsetting me lately. I have a twofold problem. The first half is folks are way quick to pass judgement on someone else. Instead of lending a helping hand or ear they write others off because they feel some twisted sense that they are better than that person. It's like my grandma says "sweep around your own front porch before you go worrying about somebody else's". If you find yourself constantly talking about someone I'm talking about you. Put yourself under the same microscope you put others, not so perfect are we? I didn't think so! The second part is I can't stand for some one who is young, able bodied, and of sound mind to complain, complain, complain but yet do nothing to change the situation. I have seen too many people come from so little and do great things. Get up off your lazy ass and make it happen. I know people who are considered poor who are the happiest, healthiest folks I know. They are proud of what they do have and appreciate the important things like love, and family, and the wellness or lack thereof of mankind. I pray that in this new year and the years to come folks can stop being so worried about what they don't have and learn to cherish what they do have. Turn that mirror on your self from time to time!

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