Friday, January 15, 2010

It's all About Me

I never realized how much self esteem affects young women. I know this girl who is beautiful, but for some reason finds her self gratification from men or by putting others down. It makes her so unattractive. I'm not perfect in any way but no one has to tell me I look good for me to enjoy being in my own skin. There are features that I absolutely love about me being a heavyset woman and all. I understand the fact that you want you're mate to appreciate what your wearing especially if your trying to dress up for them, but how does one let another's opinion completely defeat them. As for the putting others down that is as low as one can get. Everyone has something wonderful about them. If you get your jollies making others feel bad please stay the hell away from me. You are shallow and need to go experience life. Your standard of attraction is obviously a physical one and you've missed out on some of the best folks around. I'm beginning to ramble so I will stop here but let me say this: If you're constantly sizing folks up and they seem to always come up short maybe you need to apply your scale to yourself! Do you even measure up to the standards you want everyone else too? It's cliche to say try taking a walk in someone else's shoes and if your one of these sub-humans it would be impossible for you to do anyway. My advice to you is keep living life and maybe you can learn a thing or two!

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